• Building a Sustainable Future Based on Innovation and Digitalization

    05-08 September 2021, Stuttgart/Germany

  • Welcome to Stuttgart! 

    The host city Stuttgart is the capital and largest city of the German state of Baden-Württemberg and home of several major companies including Festo, Porsche, Bosch and Daimler/Mercedes-Benz. 

The 10th International Conference on Life Cycle Management

The LCM (Life Cycle Management) conference series is one of the world’s leading forums for environmental, economic and social sustainability. The focus is on practical solutions for the implementation of life cycle approaches into strategic and operational decision-making, whether in science, industry, NGOs or public institutions. It takes place every second year, each time organized by a leading research institution and industry in the domain.

The 10th International Conference on Life Cycle Management will take place from 5th – 8th September 2021 in Stuttgart, Germany. More than 600 scholars and practitioners from over 40 countries will come together at the convention center Liederhalle. The objective of LCM 2021 is to discuss and advance the implementation of Life Cycle approaches with a broad scope of:

  • industry sectors: mobility, production, automation, building and construction, materials and manufacturing, etc.
  • supply chain stages: supplier, enabler, OEM, user, recycler
  • company sizes : SME, multinational company, industry organization
  • sustainability focuses: system sustainability, product sustainability, corporate sustainability
  • research activities: basic research, applied research, industry research
  • stakeholders: NGOs, public institutions, politics


“Building a Sustainable Future Based on Innovation and Digitalization” is our motto, our claim and our vision.

Why LCM? Reasons to attend the Conference

As scientists, we conduct life cycle research (products, processes and services). The LCM 2021 is the best congress at the European level to present our latest research. The congress is a unique environment for interacting with other players (companies, administration, NGOs ...) and exploring future research projects.

Prof. Dr. Joan Rieradevall i Pons

Prof. Dr. Joan Rieradevall i Pons

University of Barcelona,
Institute of Environmental Science and Technology

LCM is the biggest and most relevant international conference in our scientific community. It is not only the place to be for leading experts from academia, but also from industry and politics. This mix makes LCM unique. Beyond the networking, the exposure to real world challenges expands knowledge and inspires new solutions beyond your own field or interest.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Finkbeiner

Prof. Dr. Matthias Finkbeiner

Managing Director Institute of Environmental Technology,
Chair of Sustainable Engineering
Technische Universität Berlin

For years, we have participated in LCM conferences at different venues. LCM is an ideal platform for exchanging thoughts, ideas, methods, results and much more on sustainability aspects. Bringing people together from different disciplines and with different backgrounds is a catalyst in creating new ideas and exploring new topics in the field of sustainability. From the perspective of an industry partner, the LCM conference creates value in that way that interactions, discussions and learning experiences are closely linked with each other. Furthermore, personal contact with many people who are on the sustainability journey opens up the view for new perspectives on and opportunities for driving sustainability forward in society.

Dr. Peter Sailing

Dr. Peter Saling

Director Sustainability Methods BASF SE

With a clear focus on industrial applications, the LCM Conference is the leading conference in combining sustainability and life cycle management.

Dr. Stephan Krinke

Dr. Stephan Krinke

General Secretariat | Sustainability
Head of Strategy and Programs
Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft

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